About SIA

The Professional Ski Instructor’s Association of Japan, SIA, is the one and only organization of professional snowsport instructors in Japan. Established in 1968, we have 132 certified ski schools and 3041 members (as of October 2018). Our activities fall across several snowsport disciplines, starting with alpine skiing, snowboarding, telemarking skiing, adaptive skiing, cross country skiing, back country skiing etc.

We have been for the development and certification of snowsport instructors through the variety of development programs and trainings that are catered to fit the fundamentals required for instructing and the current needs of the skiing industry. With a strong focus on safety, we have made continuous efforts to improve on the quality of our instructors in hope of promoting snowsports as a lifelong activity.

At a higher level, we screen and certify snowsport schools to confirm that they have met all of the certification criteria that provides a safe lesson environment for our guests.

Our association is also playing a role globally as a member nation of the International Ski Instructors Association. We participate in global events, such as the ISIA Ski Instructors World Championships and the Interski Congress that are held once in four years, to hear and present on the latest in the skiing industry and to get a first-hand experience on what other countries are focusing on in order to further enhance the domestic and international snowsport landscape.

What we can offer for you!

We at SIA are committed to providing the best possible service to everyone who comes seeking professional instruction at our certified ski schools.
In light of the influx of tourists coming into our country we have facilitated the below initiatives to overcome any challenges we might face in terms of languages.

  • - English courses for our Japanese Members
  • - Opening doors for non-Japanese members to be able to participate in our Certification programs(english/chinese) (using interpreters) in order to develop multi-national instructors that can provide safe, high-quality lessons in the mother tongue of our guests.
  • - Recruitment ads for foreign instructors on our website
  • - Tools and information provided in English (some also in the Chinese language)

Some of the recent programs that we would like to highlight here is our Kids program that centers around “My Ski Book”(english/chinese), which is a progress book in which children, their family members and friends can keep track of how they are progressing and become aware of what their future goals will be. While we teach children the required technique, we also inform them in parallel about the rules we need to follow in order to keep the slopes SAFER for everyone(english/chinese). Since we believe that children are the gateway to the future, we have made efforts to provide “My Ski Book”, not only in Japanese, but also in English and Chinese in hope that it can play a key role in communication with are non-Japanese speaking guests.

For the broader audience we also have our Technical Ski Tests and Speed Tests(english/chinese) which have been approved by ISIA in which you can measure your skills.

Last but not least, here is a list of our ski schools where you might be able to find the best quality snowsport instructor and experience in the language of your preference!

SIA Certified Ski Schools with English Lessons

Name Contact Ski Area HP
Club Med Hokkaido Ski School 011-210-8076 Sahoro Resort ホームページ
Club Med Hokkaido Ski School Tomamu 080-8917-8043 Hoshino Resort Tomamu ホームページ
Mount Racey Ski & Snowboard School 0123-52-5000 Mount Racey ホームページ
Mami Ski School 011-823-8897 Sapporo Moiwayama ホームページ
SAPPORO SNOW SCHOOL 090-1528-0549 Sapporo Moiwayama ホームページ
Yuichiro Miura & Snowdolphin Ski School Sapporo 011-685-7052 Sapporo Teine Highland Zone ホームページ
WINKEL snow school 0134-52-1185 Asarigawa Onsen ホームページ
NOBBYS Ski School 011-531-6078 Snow Cruise ONZE
Crayon Shin-chan Kids Ski School 0136-46-3061 Rusutsu Resort ホームページ
Sawa Winter Sports Academy 0133-62-8242 Nakayamatoge ホームページ
NAC SNOW SPORTS SCHOOL 0136-23-2093 Niseko Mountain Resort Grand Hirafu ホームページ
Owani Ski School 0172-47-5555 Owani Onsen ホームページ
Appi Ski & Snowboard School 0195-73-5978 Appi Kogen ホームページ
Onikobe ski & Snowboard School 0229-86-2772 Onikobe ホームページ
ZAO Freizeit Ski school 023-694-9259 Yamagata Zao Onsen ホームページ
MZ Shiroishi Snow Sports School 0224-24-8044 Miyagi Zao Shiroishi ホームページ
Square Ski lesson 0242-62-2137 Minowa ホームページ
Stag Chateau Shiozawa Pro Ski School 0555-72-9457 Chateau Shiozawa
Nakazato Snowwood Ski School 025-787-4164 Nakazato Snowwood ホームページ
Naeba Snow School 025-789-4969 Naeba ホームページ
Sugadaira Highland Pro Ski Snowboard School 0268-74-3545 Sugadaira Kogen ホームページ
Sugiyama Ski & Snow Sports School 0269-34-2551 Shiga Kogen Okushiga Yakebitaiyama ホームページ
SHIGA INTERNATIONAL SKI SCHOOL 0269-34-2551 Shiga Kogen Okushiga Yakebitaiyama ホームページ
Ski-est Shiga 0269-34-2727 Shiga Kogen Ichinose ホームページ
Bianca Ski School 0269-34-2347 Shiga Kogen Ichinose ホームページ
Kitamura Snow Sports School 0269-34-2729 Shiga Kogen Ichinose ホームページ
Takamagahara SKIWI SKI SCHOOL 0269-34-2117 Shiga Kogen Takamagahara ホームページ
Ishikawa Pro Ski School 0269-34-2562 Shiga Kogen Maruike ホームページ
YS Snow Sports School 0269-24-2180 Shiga Kogen Ichinose Maruike Sun Valley ホームページ
Yodel Ski School 0255-87-2232 Akakura Onsen ホームページ
NORTH Nagano Outdoor Sport 090-4461-7354 Madarao Kogen ホームページ
Kijimadaira Pro Ski School 0269-82-4083 Kita Shinshu Kijimadaira ホームページ
Ski-est Norikura 0263-50-5009 Mt. Norikura ホームページ
Hakuba 47 Ski Academy 0261-75-3533 Hakuba 47 Winter Sports Park ホームページ
Takasu Snow Park School 0575-72-6780 Takasu Snow Park ホームページ
Biwako Valley Pro Ski School 077-573-5148 Biwako Valley ホームページ
Ishikawa Pro Ski School in Kuju 0269-34-2562 Kuju Forest Park ホームページ